It is not easy to objectively measure how food can affect health outcomes of populations over several years. When looking at Evidence Based Medicine, “Randomised Controlled Trials” (RCTs) and “Meta-Analyses” are considered the gold standard. These types of trials are very expensive and take a long time to do. As a consequence, much of the research over the years has been funded by Drug Companies & big food industries. Some argue that this represents a conflict of interest as there is little money to be made from proving that real food is good for you.

This section is a very long way indeed from providing a comprehensive review of available evidence. We are barely scratching the surface here, but it’s a start.

Freshwell Health Centre – the Results So Far

We have been recommending a low carb lifestyle on an opportunistic basis for the last six months or so. We haven’t had the time to go through the records in detail, but at the time of writing in June 2019, over the last 6 months of the project, we can see that there are 73 patients who have been recommended a low carb lifestyle whom have lost a total weight of 300kg between them which works out as an average of 4.1kg (9lb) each. We know that some of these people have been de-prescribed diabetic drugs including insulin and blood pressure medication too. We hope to be able to bring you more information as time goes by.

Whilst we recognise that this does not begin to be considered as scientific evidence of the effectiveness of low carb diets, we are very pleased by these initial results and we hope that in time, these results will be multiplied several times over.

Dr David Unwin’s Results

Dr David Unwin is a GP in Southport and has been doing this a lot longer than we have. At the time of writing, his practice have managed to help 58 of his Type 2 Diabetics (about 12% of their Type 2 Diabetic population) into remission i.e. off all diabetic medication with blood tests in the normal range.

In addition to this, he has shown in his research that his patients have improved blood pressure, weight and cholesterol. Over 21 months, he followed up 107 of his patients with Type 2 Diabetes who were living a low carb lifestyle. Not only was there a huge improvement in diabetic control, but also an average weight loss of 8.7kg, average blood pressure drop of 11/6, improved cholesterol profile and improvement in liver function.

Again, this is not a randomised control trial nor does it constitute proof of the effectiveness of a low carb lifestyle, but to us these are hugely impressive.

The Public Health Collaboration

The PHC is an organisation dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of a low carb lifestyle. The PHC website is packed full of interesting low carb related information.

They have have collated some of the evidence (including randomised controlled trials) about low carb diets vs low fat diets including trials in patients with type 2 diabetes.

We do not have the resources or the time to list all the evidence here, but please have a look at the resources section on this site which may help point you in the right direction.