Getting Involved

We are hoping that our patients will help spread the word and help each other optimise their health through good nutrition.

Low Carb Groups

There are a number of local low carb groups springing up all over the country. This inspiring video may help you get a feel for what low carb clubs are all about.

Groups can get together on a regular basis, maybe bring some low carb real food to eat together, exchange ideas and have fun! Other groups may be on-line using WhatsApp or something similar.

If you have already benefitted from adopting a real food low carb lifestyle and you would like to help others to the same, then maybe you could consider becoming a low carb group co-ordinator?

If you would like to join a low carb group as a participant, then please let us know, we can collect some names and help people get in touch with each other.

Recipe Exchange – Social Media Skills Required!

We think it would be good if our patients could share recipes with each other on-line. We are hoping to set up a real food low carb recipe exchange on-line, linked to this website. We are somewhat lacking in social media know-how and if there is anyone out there who thinks that they may be able to help us set this up, please get in touch!

Testimonies & sharing your story

If you have a personal real food low carb story that you’d like to share, we are looking to add some personal accounts to our testimonies section of our website to help inspire others. We can publish them anonymously if you’d prefer.

If you’d like to get involved, then please contact us through this website.