Lose a Second Tonne !

In June 2019, we challenged out patients to collectively loose one Metric Tonne (1,000kg) in weight. At that time, the total had reached 300kg.

Update – January 2020: Congratulations – you have done it!

Our patients have now exceeded our practice target of a total net weight loss of 1 Metric Tonne, by adopting a low carb lifestyle. The current total is 1,135kg (2,502lb), well on our way to our new target of 2,020kg by the end of 2020! Amazing!

Dr Andrews has been using her best artistic skills to display our Weight Loss – o – Meter, which sits proudly in our waiting room. She has been “borrowing” her children’s colouring pencils to keep the running total updated! (See Below). Weight Loss – o – Meter Mark II is currently under development!

If you are a Freshwell patient and you would like to join our weight loss challenge, please let us know what your weight readings are and keep us updated as your weight changes.

You can weigh yourself on the scales in the main corridor at Freshwell and write down your weight on the slips provided. Hand it to reception and we can keep a note of how much weight our community is losing!

Alternatively, if you have weighed yourself elsewhere, you can email it to freshwell.administration@nhs.net, and mark it for Dr Andrews’ attention. Please make sure you include your full name and date of birth.