Freshwell Low Carb Manual


The Freshwell Low Carb Manual written by Dr Kim Andrews. For description, see below. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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The Freshwell Low Carb Manual was written by Dr Kim Andrews, as a follow up to her popular 4 week rotating meal planner.

A number of people have asked us if it is possible to buy a printed copy of the new manual by mail order and we are pleased to say that the answer to that question (if you live in the UK) is now “Yes”! Please note that the original meal planner is not available as a printed version of by mail order at the current time.

You can download both the original meal planner and the new manual as a PDF for free by clicking this link. Please have a look at the PDF version before you buy a physical version of the manual. Try before you buy!

As you will see from the photo, the spine is a comb style binder. The manuals have been printed in small numbers so far & put together by hand. This has made them a bit more expensive than we would have hoped.

For transparency, the printing cost for each copy has been £6.79, the postage & packing £2.81 and we will be donating the remaining £0.40 to our local charity, the CREAMER fund. We will NOT make a profit from this ourselves.

[UPDATE 28th March 2022: We’ve had another batch printed so they are back in stock].

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.


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