The Diet Doctor website is packed full of useful information and it is a great place to start. There is a lot of free content without having to subscribe.

Check out the brilliant website of our kindred spirits in the New Forest PCN. This website is packed full of practical tips & helpful suggestions about low carb swaps. This website is highly recommended.

Also check out the Adelaide Medical Centre Low Carb Real Food Resource website, packed full of really useful information.

Also have a look at the Aspen Eat Real Food Website form the Aspen Medical Practice

The Public Health Collaboration (PHC) is an organisation dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health. The PHC website is a mine of useful information. There is a mine of useful information on this site even if you are not diabetic. The Prediabetes section is well worth a look, as the same principles apply to most of us even if we are not pre-diabetic. is a website set up by our fellow PHC ambassador, Dr Ruth Tapsell, a GP in Devon. There are some really useful links there. is an excellent resource, set up by one of the founder members of the PHC, Dr Joanne McCormack. has some great recipes. The low carb banana bread recipe is superb & is a personal favourite of Dr Oliver! is another good source of low carb recipes. The low carb granola is particularly good. This site has a lot of free low carb recipe ideas.